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Do I need to make an appointment to come to the lab?

No, you don’t need an appointment. You can come at any time during our working hours.

Is the laboratory part of the GHS/GESY?

Yes, we are part of the Cyprus general health system.

Do I need to be a GHS member to get tests done?

No, we accept prescriptions from doctors that are either registered with the GHS or from the private sector. We also accept patients who want to be tested privately without a prescription.

Must I be fasting before I come for a test?

Most tests require you to be fasting for 12 hours. Water is allowed. If you are not certain, please ask for special instructions from your doctor or talk with a member of our team.

Can you draw blood from newborns or small children?

Yes, we can. For children we collect small amounts of blood and the procedure is performed as painlessly as possible.

Is the lab wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there is a handicap parking spot and a ramp for wheelchair access.

How long will it take to have my results?

Most laboratory tests are completed within the same day. Specialized tests or urine/stool cultures might need more time. As soon as the results are ready, we will upload them to the GHS system or contact you directly.

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